Wrong cpu connector?

Hey guys! so i decided to do a 1st ever build! and now i am regretting it -.-
my psu has a cpu plus, which is more than 4 pins, and my motherboard(gigabyte z77 mini itx wifi) only has a 4pin connector.. any advice?
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  1. You still plug it in, 4 of the pins will still fit in the connector.
  2. I tried, and it does not fit..(i am using a corsair 500cx semi mod psu)
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    well, your 8-pin cpu connector should split into 2 4-pin connectors. if it doesnt, then i would return the psu and get one that will have either a 4-pin or a 4+4-pin (an 8-pin that splits into 2 4-pin) good luck :)
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