plugged in friends old drive, corrupted windows startup. How?

I had a friend with an old PC that could not boot. He asked me if I could attempt to retrieve the files from it. I agreed and plugged it into my PC alongside my boot drive.

PC would not start into Windows 8.1 with the drive attached. After removing the drive I could get to my Windows 8.1 login screen, sign in, and be greeted by a black screen but with the cursor visible and movable. I could ctrl+alt+del, but could not get a task manager, just the purple screen.

Tried a few solutions, eventually ran a system restore. That worked and fixed the problem. My question is why did this work and what happened? My OS is installed on a different hard-drive (SSD) than the old one that I was attempting to get data off of. Could there have been a virus on this drive? Malware? My PC seems fine now but should I re-install my OS just to be safe?
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    make sure your hard drive is plugged in to SATA port 0 on your motherboard .

    Check that its listed in BIOS

    try to boot
  2. My mobo displays my computers info (CPU speed, ram amount/speed, hdd's detected, etc) on startup and I saw my boot drive and the friends drive recognized.

    It was such a strange error I was wondering if anyone else had anything similar happen as I would like to know what happened :)
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