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I just upgraded from an old 18" CRT (run at 1920 x 1440) to a IPS 2560 x 1440 27" monitor (monoprice). I've noticed that whenever I change video resolutions it takes much longer to switch that it did with the CRT which is a little surprising considering that the resolutions weren't that different. For example, when I change from desktop to game and back again, there's a noticeable delay.

Is this just the way it is now because I have a bigger monitor? I'm using an HD 5770 but will be upgrading in a month or two. Will a beefier video card make the resolution switch faster? Is there some kind of driver or setting I can modify? Everything runs fine, it's just slow to switch.

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  1. did you upgrade the monitor driver when you switch it ?
  2. scout_03 said:
    did you upgrade the monitor driver when you switch it ?

    Thanks for your reply. I could never find a driver for the original monitor but the Windows 7 Generic Pnp Monitor driver has worked fine for many years. My new monitor is a Monoprice IPS 27" and I can't find any drivers listed for it. When I hooked it up I just left the generic driver in place. (I don't use the old monitor, just the new one). Since my last post, I manually uninstalled the monitor in the device manager then restarted. On reboot, W7 put the same generic driver back in place and there's no change.
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    there are no driver for it use the generic one only check if the refresh rate is at 60 hz that could help and update your gpu driver to the latest . it could also be that the hd 5770 having issue handling the screen check the max size this gpu could use .
  4. The problem specific to the game improved when I changed some game settings. I did reinstall the vid card software/driver just to be sure. Seems okay now. Thanks for your help.
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