How much and how fast memory for I7-4960

Buying a new computer and the amount memory and it's speed to specify is confusing. What is the optimum amount of memory (8,16,32, or 62) and how fast (1600MHz, 1833, 2133 or 2400). I have heard that anything over 1600MHz and more than 16 is wasted.
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  1. anything over 1600Mhz and 16GB provides diminishing returns for your money, but if you have a specific need where you'd need all the performance you can get then why not?

    for the average consumer and/or gamer though, a regular set of 1600Mhz is probably the sweet spot
  2. I have 8gb 1833MHz RAM and it works for me. Just an opinion (I have a gaming PC by the way)
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    I also have a 8GB set of ram, though mine is clocked at 1600Mhz, and I have no issues at all, no stuttering, freezes, etc symptoms of insufficient/impotent RAM.

    but since the processor is a crazy high end one (i7 4960x) I'm assuming he's building an extremely high end system
  4. I would go for 16gb of 2133, it's really not that much more than 1600, so not much of a reason not to. If you're getting a 4960, the price difference won't mean anything.
  5. Is this strictly for gaming? If so would look more to the 1150 socket and 4670K or possibly 4770K, if needing the higher end 4960 then would look for 2133/9 in 32GB, else the 4770K on the 1150 platform is more than sufficient, no need for a 4960 unless you are going for extreme high end work
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