Wiping/Erasing Multiple HDDs simultaneously

My organization is going to be initiating an "in place OS migration" project in the coming months that may require that we wipe/erase up to 80 2.5"-3.5" HDDs or SSDs per day.

Because of this high volume, we need a high-volume wiping solution. Has anyone every wiped this many drives simultaneously? Can you recommend a process, software or hardware that would help?

Thanks in advance,
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  1. are you installing the OS's one by one or using an automated WindowsPE type of thing becuase you if you're automated the installation, you can format beforehand.
  2. Thanks for the idea.

    That may end up working the best.

    The imaging process does start with a WinPE boot. Then software is distributed via SCCM. Thee HDDs are then going to be shipped to site, and swapped into a system. The legacy HDDs are then going to be return-shipped, quarantined, then wiped before being imaged again, starting the process over.

    Because the imaging process has to take place in the same model of workstation that the HDD will eventually be deployed into (to get the right SCCM pushes), we require that same number of physical devices on the bench at any given time.

    Since wiping can take several hours and imaging/software can take several hours, doing them both in the same system would mean that the average system would be taking up about twice the average bench-time.

    It would also mean keeping HDDs with live (albeit encrypted) data for longer than required (until that HDD is used again). I always like to clear data as quickly as possible.

    If there was a way to wipe a lot of HDDs simultaneously in a way that used less bench-time, that would be ideal.

    We're going to be handling at least 10-15,000 of them.
  3. Are the HDDs and SSDs remaining in their respective workstation during the wipe? Are the workstations on a LAN? There are appropriate deployment tools for this purpose.

    If the HDDs and SSDs have been removed from their workstation during the wipe, do the HDDs and SSDs all have the same data and power connectors? In this scenario you can use an external hot swappable multiple drive enclosure with the appropriate wiping utility to simultaneously secure wipe multiple drives.

  4. Also, the client has a security requirement to do a complete "wipe" not just a format (which is why it takes a long time), but I get the general idea of doing that in WinPE just before the OS install.
  5. Are the HDDs and SSDs remaining in their respective workstation during the wipe? No, they're going to have left their workstations behind on-site.

    Are the workstations on a LAN? They could be, but ideally, no. We don't want to increase our network infrastructure too much.

    do the HDDs and SSDs all have the same data and power connectors? They're roughly from the same generation, so I'm expecting SATA compatibility.

    I'll look into the link.
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