Kernal 41 Error, freezing, and shutdowns after attempting to create system Image on External Harddrive

Hey guys,

I've spent the last three days combing the web for solutions and I feel like I'm chasing my tail. So I wanted to give the whole picture and see if anyone has suggestions or a non scatterbrained troubleshooting method that I could follow.

So I realized that I've never backed up my desktop, and I wanted to store an Image (220Gb) on an external Harddrive so I bought a WD 1TB My Passport Ultra. I hooked the Harddrive up to the computer (3.0usb), downloaded the drivers, cleaned my computer with System Mechanic, Spybot and Malware Bytes prior to creating Image and then hit Backup using the Windows Default Settings. I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate.

34% in to the Image the download started hanging, wouldn't progress. I checked the processes with Process Explorer and I/O as well as drive read and write was 0Mb/s. CPU usage was at 8% but then I noticed that I couldn't shut anything down. Even with Task Manager, I couldn't kill processes or Tasks, and the computer's programs became nonresponsive. I rebooted and Computer worked great until I tried to create an Image again.

I experienced this result 3 times and finally purchased Acronis True Image to do the backup onto the same external drive (reformatted it before hand). Same result although this time I noticed clicking coming from Internal drive (old) as it was hanging. Again I/O and Disk read 0Mb/s.

I was afraid Internal Drive was damaged so I ran SMARTS tests and disk diagnostic tools including disc checker, Windows Disk Checker, SFC Scan, System Mechanics Hard Disc Health Scan on BOTH internal and external drives. Every tools has said that both drives are healthy. Also no corrupt files were found in my Windows system folder.

I shut off Firewall, Antivirus software and disconnected from Network and Windows finally created an Image, but I've experienced Non responsive Software, Unauthorized Shutdowns, and Blue Screen (twice) since creating the image. Always occuring when both drives are plugged in.

Reviewing Event Viewer it seems I get a Kernal 41 (63) Msg which is always proceeded by the system problems. Could the added power draw from the External Drive, be messing up my PSU?

At this point I'm so lost and don't know which problem to chase.
Please list any info that you need from me.
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  1. Just an update, Downloaded Speed Fan and looks like Im getting 10.3v out of 12v good or bad?
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