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My sister's computer has the ukash virus on it. I tried to remove it using system restore, but there was no restore point before the virus (she got the virus in September, is just getting around to fix it now). I tried system recovery (I think - it was re-setting windows and wiping the computer) but the battery died in the middle of it.

Now when I turn it on I get the Boot Manager - status 0xc000000f, "Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause". I've made a recovery disk from my own laptop (both running Windows 7 Home Premium) but it won't work. The same screen comes up.

Any suggestions? Would it help if I removed her hard drive, put it in my laptop and try to boot it using the disk in my machine?

She's ready to take it to Geek Squad, I'm convinced that something can be done at home. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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  1. You can't use a recovery disc from your laptop - her machine will not recognize the hardware setup.

    When you boot up, do you still have the recovery option available? If you do, you will have to do a complete factory reinstall - be sure to have the laptop running on the power adapter this time.

    If you cannot access the recovery partition, your best bet is to contact the manufacturer to get a set of discs. As a last resort, you can try downloading a W7 home premium iso from microsoft and using their usb tool to create a bootable thumb drive. You will need to have the original o/s key (there should be a sticker on the laptop or power brick with the info) in order to verify the install w/microsoft. If you can't find the sticker, look through her original install discs and booklets - they sometimes put the stickers in there.

  2. Markwp, thanks for your answer. I can't access the recovery option anymore (I got to it by hitting F8 during startup, that doesn't work anymore). I will try downloading the iso - if I put it on a USB key and make the USB the priority during boot (in BIOS settings) will that bring it up?
  3. So did you go into the bios and tell it to boot from the cd or are you simply inserting the disk and waiting for it to boot from the disk? if you are just inserting the disk and waiting try going into the bios and telling it to boot from the cd-rom.
    You also need to find out if the recovery cd you made is good. You should always be able to get the computer to boot from the cd-rom
  4. Correct - you want to boot from the usb. Let W7 reformat the hdd and install. You might also want to download all the drivers, etc from Dell, HP or whoever the OEM is and put them on the usb (or a separate usb) as well. I suspect you're going to need the OEM m/b drivers, etc since you are not putting the factory image back on.

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