Green lines flashing across screen when gaming?

I got a new graphics card(r9 280x) around black Friday and a new monitor just after Christmas. Running on i5 2300/ 550W corsair PSU.

For the last few weeks I've been getting green lines flashing randomly across my screen occasionally when gaming. Msi afterburner shows my card is 72C max temps.

They have been getting worse when playing games like diablo 3 to point where it's unplayable.

What is causing this?
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  1. I would assume that its either a defective card or something isnt working correctly (obivously) so i suggest reporting this to the manufacturer and since u bought this recently they should allow a return so just get a new card or have it replaced and try it out if u still get the green lines (i doubt it) i would say your over heating but based on ur temps u cant be, so the only conclusion i can come up with is that something is wrong with the actual hardware!
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