what psu should i buy for this case

I am going to buy a Carbide Series® 200R Compact ATX Case and I don't know what psu will fit in this case :??:
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  1. any atx psu will fit.
  2. As said above any ATX power supply meaning 99% of the units on the market. The real question is what are your components? Then we can find you a good deal.
  3. I am still thinking what component to buy :??:
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    You buy a power supply based on your components especially the video card. You could need anywhere from 250 watts using integrated video to 1600 watts using 4 x GTX 780 Ti cards or 4 x R9 290X cards. So it helps to know what everything else will be before choosing a PSU.

    This list is for an entire system based on the video cards.
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