adobe premire cs6 using a 2.0gz and 4gb of ram

title says it all, my firend and i are trying to do a film together and he wants to be able to edit the films without me needing to bring my equipment over, the actual encoding (exporting to a independent file) will be done on another machine that is fully capable of it however in terms of just basic editing (no after effects or special jazz like that) can this computer handle it (speed isent much of a factor, i just want to know if it will run)
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    Requirements for running Premiere CS6:
    As long as it is a 64 bit processor and you are using a 64 bit OS you should be fine for basic edits. 4GB of RAM is the minimum though 8 is recommended.
  2. 2 gig for the CPU is not much info, it's just the speed of the CPU, there are many different CPUs of varying speeds that run at 2 gig. Would be like saying "my car engine is a 2 liter, is it fast?".

    A Pentium 4 2 gig is pretty slow. A Core 2 Duo 2 gig not as much, a Celeron at 2 gig would be slower than a non Celeron Intel chip at 2 gig, AMD at 2 gig may be slower or faster than an Intel chip depending on the CPU model.

    You should list full system specs, CPU model, RAM type, Motherboard, hard drive, etc... You may be using an old laptop for this with a 4200 rpm hard drive which is a lot slower than a desktop with a 7200 rpm hard drive.
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