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So I have enabled and configured RDS on a home media server. Everything is working great, until the power fails. I turn it back on, and go to my laptop to remote in. No go, I have to get on the server locally and log in, then the services start up. I am sure there is a way I am overlooking, but how do I make the services start without that initial log in per boot?
Thanks for the help!
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  2. Alright, so I feel stupid now ha ha. All that had to be done was go into services and configure the related remote desktop services to Automatic.
  3. getochkn said:

    Actually, I would do it the way I previously posted(after thinking about it a little more after asking the question): go into services (start menu>search for services) and set the appropriate services to automatically start(Remote Desktop configuration, Remote Desktop Services, and Remote Desktop Services Usermode Port Redirector should automatically enable itself) . This will allow them to start on boot without opening your system to a major security issue: anyone can access it. I prefer if my roommates and others want access to anything other than my printer and media files they have to get me to login for them to get to those files.
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