what graphic card should i buy for this case

I am going to buy a Corsair Carbide200R Case and I don't know what graphic card fit in this case :??:

I like GeForce graphic card :D
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  1. that case if you look at cosair web page or the newegg photos is made for long gpu cards. the hard drive bay wont stop those long gpu cards. it up to the power supply and your build funds. the lowest gaming card now is the 750ti. for the money the 760 are a good deal. if you have more money look into the 770 line of cards.
  2. Seven PCI-E slots with thumbscrews and room for cards up to 430mm long (300mm with drive cage)

    got it from here in the specs
  3. I am don't have the money to buy a 750ti or the 760 or the 770 :(
  4. whats your budget for a card?
  5. As someone who has this case and a 650 Ti, I can tell you there's definitely space for something bigger. I would recommend either the Radeon R7 260X/265X/270X, or a GeForce GTX 750/750 Ti/760.

    Good luck.
  6. ok my budget for a card is that it not over $100
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    i would go with this....there are 7770ghz editions in that price range but they only have 1gb of onboard memory if you are using a 1080p monitor. better to have 2gb to be safe

    r7 250 $94

    there are no new nvidia cards less than 100 dollars the 750 series starts at $125. just another option if you can squeeze the funds.
  8. can I overclock the r7 250 or no
  9. yes you can overclock that card
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