Can I run NFS most wanted 2012 on this Pentium Dual core processor 2.30GHZ 1Gb Graphics 2gb ddr2 ram

I wanted to play NFS MW 2012 so I downloaded it But when I played It runs very slowly My Specs
Intel Pentium Dual Core processor 2.30GHz each
2GB DDR2 Ram
1Gb Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family and
320 Gb HDD
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  1. Because of this.
    1Gb Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family and

    Its an Intel graphics solution and is very limited in power and 3D.
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    No you need a higher spec computer. You need a dedicated video card, and even then you would just barley meet the requirements.

    You'll need to upgrade to play the game. Sorry.

    Hope this helps/ :^)

    P.S. Here is the requirements.
  3. If You Can Change Your Specs To This You Can Run It Smoothly.

    Dual Core 2.30 GHz (Yours)
    Add 2 GB More To Your Ram. That's 4 GB DDR2 Ram. (Optional)
    Change Your GPU To At Least GT 620 Or 630.
    Then You Can Run Many Games.
    Hope This Was Useful.
    :D :D
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