Is Sapphire hd7750 2gb a good graphics card?

I'm thinking of buying a new gpu and i saw this gpu. Please tell me whether it's a good gpu or not and can it run games on max setting.
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  1. No, it cannot run new games on max settings (not without stuttering due to low FPS anyway).

    It is a decent entry-level video card, but if you aim to play at max settings you need to buy a much better card, that means a budget of at least 200-250$.
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    It depends. Don't judge by if it can play new games at the max settings because some of the $300 cards can't play all of the new games at max settings with 60FPS constant.

    Depending on your price you want to spend and the games and game settings you want it might be. If you want to play modern games on medium settings at a good resolution it will probably be fine for you. If you want to get higher settings you should consider a higher end card.

    Make sure you double check its the best for the price also.
  3. can you tell me a gpu which is good but is less than $250.
  4. Both of these are really good. They are priced apart and the more expensive one performs better. Not sure which way you want to go.
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