Intel i5 4670k turbo boost temperature and vcore

I currently have intel turbo boost on and when I stress test with aida 64 I get temps around 59-62 on hyper evo. sometimes I notice it ramping up to 3900 mhz when running games. my temp in games like splinter cell blacklist get up to 59 and below. when I stress test hwinfo says my cpu is going up to 3600 and my core voltage is at 1.172. stock is 1.004. I have been doing some reading on it and it seems the average is 1.25 volt to get above 4 so it seems like that voltage is high for 3.6. This is my first gaming rig and I have never overclocked before, but would it be more sufficient for the cpu to be oc'ed to 3.8 or 4.0 at a lower voltage than that manually?
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  1. You can definitely try OCing with a manual voltage. These voltages aren't always perfect, so to find the absolute minimum voltage necessary for a frequency, you gotta do it yourself.
  2. If I were to overclock would it under clock like it does with turbo? For example, when I am not doing nothing it goes down to 800mhz. Would it still do that overclocked with turbo off? Or would it stay at the frequency I set?
  3. If you want to maintain a high clock speed, enable "High Performance" under advanced Power Options in Windows.

  4. No I dont want to maintain a high clock speed I want it to slow down every once in a while. I am new to overclocking and I havent tried it yet. Scared too really. But I want to make sure it will not stay at a permanent speed of 4.0 or whatever I set it too.
  5. Is turbo boost known to make vcore higher than it should be because I am seeing others get 4.0 at 1.162 vcore. I am at 1.172 at only 3.6 with turbo. Hoping I did not get a bad chip.
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