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For the last 3 days my windows 7 loads extremely slow I have an Intel ssd so that rules out some things I've reset my mobo bios set everything to optimal and before it started running like this it ran perfectly. I ran a scan on it for errors in the disk, and partitions and all of that there was no errors. One thing I've noticed is that the cpu which is a core 2 duo is always pegged at 100 percent usage and the ram always stays at around 50 percent so that's one of two gigs (I have 2 1 gig sticks) it always stayed around 70 percent usage before now it seems like it doesn't want to go past 50 it will seem to be booting It will load some of my starting programs and such then it will get even more bogged down and freeze making it almost un-usble. I hadn't installed any new programs lately and no new drivers I've already did a system restore and tested all the files and such and it came up with no results. The first time this really happened there was an actual crash (I can't recall the error code) but yeah can you guys help I'm pretty experienced with Computers and I built this one my self and I tried everything I can think of after months of gaming and such it just slows down after a day I don't understand. Help!
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  1. your CPU is at 100% usage while on idle? most likely you have some malware in your PC, run malwarebytes and your antivirus to clean your system.
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    Use Glary Utilities to clean up.

    Use Malwarebytes to scan for malware or spyware.

    Right-click on your c: drive icon to activate Properties and then Disk Cleanup.

    Use the Windows 7 Resource Monitor tool to find out what's using up the CPU 100% and memory 50%.
    Click on Windows orb --> All Programs --> Accessories --> System Tools --> Resource Monitor

  3. If your CPU is at 100%, open the task manager and see which process is taking up all the CPU. That's the indicator of the problem.
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