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For some reason after I plugged in my portable hard drive I noticed that it was now renamed to Portable Drive (E;). I don't have a drive E. When I tried to reformat it, it asked me to insert a disc. My question is how would I get my Portable Hard Drive back to normal? Losing everything on there isn't a problem for me because I have back ups on my pc. I will post pictures of the errors as well. Thanks for reading. <-- Opening error <-- Reformat Error
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  1. well from the look of the screen shot it might be a HD problem....try running diagnostics supplied by the manufacturer, to see the drives health.
  2. In all honesty I'm not sure where the packaging is and I don't remember if it came with any driver discs, repair discs, etc. I received it around November last year. I do have the name of it though. It was a Protronix 160gb external hard drive. I can return this product since it's still in warranty, but I would of course if I can like to solve the problem.
  3. ok try downloadng seatools it also works on other HD...try running it....
  4. I downloaded SeaTools, but unfortunately the drive isn't showing up in the list SeaTools shows after it scans. Most likely because it's on a drive that doesn't exist. I appreciate the help and your patience, I wish this was easier to solve.

    Edit: I do see it when, I go into the Device Manager. I'm not sure if I can do anything there though. <--- SeaTools <--- Device Manager
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    next step gets a little messy...either you disassemble your portable drive and directly attach it to the sata cable in the get seatools detect it...and maybe fix it..if the diagnostic of the drive is ok...then the external enclosure is the problem... device manager the external enclosure is the one detected not the drive it self (ie USB2SATA Bridge)...
  6. I very much appreciate your help on this, but I think I'm just going to get it replaced. Is there a way to rep you or anything for sticking this out for so long lol? Thanks again man. On a completely random note, I see you like Invader Zim. If you're a comic book reader you should definitely check out the comic Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, created by the same person.
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