Replace windows 7 with 8.1 on a drive with more than just the OS on it?

I currently have a 128gb SSd with windows 7 etc on it as well as a few programs, is there anyway to do an install of windows 8 without loosing the information on the drive.
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    You could try an Upgrade version but some programmes may not make the transition. If you're still using MSOffice 2003 for example, that wil fall over.
  2. If you still haven't solved it - try dual booting. Just create a partition for the new OS, and install it there. When you boot up the pc, it will give you the option of which OS you want to run. Data on the 2 installations won't touch each other at all.
    just be careful you don't completely fill the SSD, as it will become slower, and if completely full, stop working completely
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