Computer booting to blank screen whenever graphics card is plugged in

Quick list of my parts:
-Gigabyte GA-Z68MA motherboard
-Intel Core i5 2500K
-XFX Radeon HD 8670
-1TB Seagate HDD
120GB Samsung 840 Evo SSD
-Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo CPU fan
-Corsair 600W ATX 12V PSU

I've been using all of these parts (excluding the Seagate HDD and Samsung SSD) together just fine for the past 2 years. Recently purchased an SSD and additional HDD. I performed a clean install of Windows 7 64-bit to the SSD. Also ended up reformatting my old WD HDD, so I'm essentially starting from scratch. Everything goes fine initially. I tried to install some AMD drivers after getting Windows up and running, but the software says its unable to detect an AMD card on my system (my monitor is plugged into the motherboard via HDMI at this point). I decide to restart and try again, but after this restart my computer just lingers on a black screen and never boots windows. After playing around, I realize that this only happens when my GPU is mounted on the motherboard and connected to the power supply. If I disconnect the GPU, everything boots fine. Could my GPU be dead? Do I need a better power supply? I'm happy to provide any additional details and appreciate any help anyone can give. Thanks!
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  1. have you tray to put your XFX Radeon HD 8670 into the 2nd & 3rd pciex slot???
  2. jmysaputra said:
    have you tray to put your XFX Radeon HD 8670 into the 2nd & 3rd pciex slot???

    I did, unfortunately that didn't work. My computer powers on, but all I see is a black screen regardless of which slot I'm using.
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