Can't run any games (Intel HD 4000)

I just finished my first PC build a couple weeks ago. My GTX 770 died after a few hours and I'm currently waiting on an RMA, so I'm using the Intel HD graphics card in my i5-4670k.

I know it's not a great card but from what I understand it will play a lot of games on lower settings. So I've tried playing a bunch and none of them will even launch. I get some kind of error message before the game menu or anything appears.

This is my first gaming PC so I have no experience with this and am just wondering if I need to change some settings with the GPU in order to play games? Or do I need to change the settings with each game? It just seems like it's a problem with my computer if not a single game will start. I tried some troubleshooting for a few of the games after reading some forums but it didn't help.

Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    Well, I used to be able to play games with only my i5 4670k until I got my GPU.
    Try reinstalling Windows, and see if this helps.
    Also, install all the drivers that you can get from the manufacturer website, especially the Chipset and Graphics (VGA) one.

    I was able to launch BF4 on low settings (but not enough FPS for me), Grid 3 (which came with the CPU for me), and mostly I was playing AVA (some F2P FPS).

    I was also thinking about having the correct DirectX installed or smth, but the game installer usually informs you about this.

    What games were you trying to play?
  2. i would go into your bios and see if your integrated graphics are even enabled they might have been disabled when you installed the 770. so try that first.
  3. u need to uninstall nvidia drivers and install hd 4000 drivers
  4. Thanks everyone! And sorry, I figured out the problem soon after I posted this (d'oh)...there was one Windows update left to install, and it was a graphics update. I installed it and now games are working. At least Rust starts up now.
  5. glad everything worked out for you hopefully your rma dont take to long
  6. Thanks Bad Kitty!! Yeah I hope the RMA goes ok. I'm glad I can play some games now tho!
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