Amd Phenom II X6 1055t Overheating

I've had this process for over 3 years and it hasn't given me any trouble till now.

I haven't OC'ed the processor. It is running at stock speeds and voltages and with the stock cooler.

Recently in the past couple of months the processor has seen three thermal shut downs with no load on it. (just surfing the internet and stuff). In the past I've done some pretty heavy gaming on it but nothing in the past year or so as my schoolwork has kept me rather occupied.

My processor is running 70-80 C+ and has hit 90 too. (All on idle. No load whatsoever.)

On occasion of one such shut-down I did remove the heat sink and noticed the thermal paste was all dried up. I do intend to replace that. Could this be causing the problems?

If changing the thermal paste doesn't work, what else could I try? What could be causing this problem.

Do note that this is something new and has never happened in the past. I've had no issues with overheating of this sort earlier.

Do let me know what other system information I can provide to allow you to help me better.

Motherboard: Msi 890gxm-g65
GPU msi r5770 hawk
CPU x61055t

all of this is in cooler master CM Scout case (version 1). It has 3 stock fans installed. One front 120 or 140 mm intake. One top intake and one rear exhaust.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. u definitly need to reapply thermal paste
    when u checked the paste dried up that time only u had to reapply it
    its the reason ur system is running hot
  2. the biggest mistake was removing the cooler and not replacing the TIM. any time you remove the cooler you need to replace the thermal paste right then. Replace the TIM before you use your PC anymore.

    make sure the Fan is spinning up properly also. At those temps that fan should be screaming loud. also make sure that there is no dust clogging the cooler fins.
  3. Okay. I would like to clear up a few things.

    a) Temperature issues were happening before I removed the heatsink. And yes, I know I am supposed to replace the thermal paste, I don't have any at hand right now and I am in the middle of writing my school leaving examinations so I won't be able to do that before 20th march.

    b) The case fan, heatsink fan etc are all cleaned regularly and don't have any dust clogging them up. When I open the case all the fans are spinning properly. But now that you mention it, the fans are not screaming loud. In fact in overdrive right now on idle my cpu temp is 54 C and the cpu fan rpm is at 3253rpm. I've moved the slider all the way to 100 per cent for the fan but it just stays that slow. I wonder why?
  4. that fan should hit around 4500 RPM - 5000 RPM at full speed. Have you done a bios update or gone in the bios around the time the issue started? Make sure the fan control settings are set properly in the BIOS. Make sure there is no other program controlling the Fan. If you have one of MSI's programs to control fan speed try to uninstall it.
  5. I know it should hit that rpm but it is not. I haven't messed around with the bios at all. How do I fix it?
  6. Fist I would put the CPU under stress to heat it up and make sure it will not spin up more first. many boards set the 100% fan speed at 65-70c. you need to confirm the issue before trying to fix it. If it is not broken then you can't fix it.

    don't rely on a program to speed up the fan as some programs can be unreliable. This means that by moving the slide on the program and the fan not changing doesn't necessarily mean the fan is bad or not working correctly.
  7. While talking to you the CPU temp has climbed all the way upto 70 C all on its own and the fan speeds are the same. No change.
  8. OK lets try the easy stuff first. Uninstall the any programs you have installed that can control the Fan speed. then do a restart. reheat the system by stressing the CPU and see if the fan speeds up. If you need a fan monitor try CPUID's HWmonitor from / makers of CPU-Z. no fan controls just a monitoring program. IF the fan does not speed up after this I would try a different fan. and see if the header will spinn it up to full speed. Any 4 pin PWM fan will work for this quick test. If the fan does speed up all eh way then it is a bad fan and needs replacing. IF not then there is an issue with the CPU fan header control which may be fixed by a bios setting But could (very rarely and I have never seen it but have read about it) have a fan controller on the MB bad.
  9. Did all that. CPU temp reached 101C fan speeds at 4300 rpm.
  10. OK did you test a different fan on the CPU Fan header? If so what was the result did the fan spin up all the way?
  11. after thought: go into control panel and under power options / advanced settings / processor power management : system cooling policy = make sure it is set to "active".
  12. No not the different fan thing because I don't have one but will try it later. The control panel thing I will try.

    One thing though..I don't know if this is related but i had a blue screen error and then failed to boot a couple if times. I did a system restore to be safe. Again never faced all these problems with my machine..why is it acting like a hormonal teenager all of a suuden?
  13. It is overheating. The BSOD's are a symptom of the overheating issue. Like i said stop using the system till you replace the TIM and figure out the over heating issue or you can and will damage parts.

    EDIT: the max temp for those CPU's are 70-72c before damage can happen.
  14. Sorry to be a bother..but I am confused. Earlier it would over heat and shut down bsod. I think I should keep it turned off for the time being
  15. Because of the constant hard shut downs that it is experiencing and the the fact that when a CPU gets that hot it can become unstable and error causing BSOD's. Not to mention eventually the CPU will go bad and IF it does start can become very unstable causing BSOD's. Hope this has cleared up some confusion.
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