will this mother board fit inside this one?



All help appreciated if it cannot fit inside please find me mini itx motherboard(fm2) under 7000 rs from the websites you saw the case and the motherboard
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  1. No the case only supports mini-ITX format motherboards. the motherboard you chose is a mini-ATX ( also known as the mico-ATX) format.
  2. can u find a mobo for me then?
  3. No. Only because the sites you have restricted us to do not have any FM2 socket mini-ITX boards.
  4. U can go to and I think all of these websites must have at least one fm2 board thanks
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    you are actually better looking it up for your self then asking opinions on it. I'm in the US and trying to get web sites to display currency in your format is a major pain.

    make sure the Form Factor is mini-ITX and you will be fine.
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