I have no idea what im doing, help!

After 1 year of having my computer I finally want to OC my cpu since I now have my 4k monitor. In the beginning I was looking at a program that came with my mobo for overclocking so i might have like accidentally lowered it a long time ago and its been stuck at that.

My rig:
Cpu: I7 3930k
Gpu: EVGA ACX SC 780 ti
mobo- ASRock x79 champion
Ram: Corsair dominator 4 x 4 GB 2133
cooling unit: Corsair Hydro 90

CPU-Z says my core speed is 3.5 GHz and its default is usually 3.2 i believe and turbo is 3.8. My cpu is currently idling at about 40c with my 4k monitor hooked up and a side 1920x1080 monitor.

Question part: how do i even activate turbo and I would like to just set my cpu at a safe OCing of like 4.0 GHz, at least i hear 4.0 is reasonable.
what numbers do i have to mess with in my computers start up screen? I heard if you set the voltage too high it will fry it so I have come to the professionals to help me out.
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