Cpu shutter/lag while playing graphic intensive games

I am fed up with this problem honestly, for months now maybe over half a year I have had this problem where my fps just drop during playing graphic intensive games. Planetside 2 and Battlefield 3 are the games I have experienced this problem with the most, I love both of the games and want to be able to enjoy playing all games lag/shutter free! I have tried a few things, switching around my ram, under/overclocking my cpu, having my pc factory reset, trying different graphical settings in games, converting my planetside 2 over to my ssd etc.. And nothing for me has worked. I personally think my cpu is the bottleneck here, I have checked and it goes from around 3.8ghz down to about 1.3ghz, so you know, difficult to do anything in game, especially when you're in a gunfight. I am running windows 8.1 and I have heard that this OS seems to take up more cpu usage for some reason? But I don't know.

If anyone that has experienced this please help me out, I am fed up with this and would love to play my games shutter free, thank you.

OS: Windows 8.1
Cpu: AMD fx 4300
Gpu: MSI AMD 7700
Ram: 8gb's
hdd: 500gb's
ssd: 114gb's
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  1. Looks like CPU is overheating. Check temps while gaming using software HWMonitor. It should be within the 50-70C range although Upto 90C is ok, but not recommended. Throttling occurs above 90C and cpu slows down to protects itself from frying.

    Also, is your PSU sufficient to power up your system? (Should be 430W or more).

    You should be able to play on med high on BF3 at 50+ fps on this system.
  2. Does the processor clock drop during the game? It is normal for cores clocks to drop during idling.
    What 7700 card exactly do you have? There is a big difference in performance between 7730 and 7790 for example.
    Did you try to uninstall and reinstall the drivers? Did you always have this problem or you didn't have it before with that same PC?
  3. I will get the program and keep you updated on that, and yeah, as far as I remembered I have had this problem since I first got into graphical intensive games more
  4. Oh and I have a Raedeon msi 7700.
  5. The only AMD card branded as HD 7700 is the 7700M card which is a laptop(mobile) card. HD 7700 for desktops is the name of a series of AMD GPUs including the HD 7730, HD 7750, HD 7770 and HD 7790.
  6. My bad! It is a HD 7700, sorry dude. And I just checked my psu is 700w. So going by my understanding I think that is enough seeings as I am not running more than 1 gpu
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