Sata II and Sata III ssds in raid or seperate?

I'm about to buy a 240 GB SSD (Newegg shellshocker) and want to know if I'm better off putting it in raid with my current Sata II SSD (120 GB) or if I should use them as two separate drives? Both are mushkin. If I should raid them, which type of raid?
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  1. SSD raid is generally a bad idea. Just use them as separate drives.
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    Use the SSDs are separate drives C & D.

    The Read/Write performance of a RAID-0 array is based upon the speed of the slowest drive in the array. So your array's Read/Write performance will be based upon the speed of your SATA 2 (3Gb/s) SSD.

    The total capacity of a RAID-0 array is based upon the drive in the array with the smallest capacity. So if you RAID-0 a 120GB drive and a 240GB drive then your array's total capacity (before formatting) will be 240GB (120 x 2). So you would be wasting 120Gb of storage.
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