Need help moving Windows 8.1 to a larger SSD

So I have a situation that I can't find anywhere on the site, mostly I see moving from a HDD to SSD, not from an SSD to a larger SSD. I currently have a 32gb SSD that I have Windows 8.1 on, with a 1TB HDD that has all my programs and Windows document folders on (Picture, Videos, Downloads, etc.) My 32gb SSD is already approaching capacity, which I assume are from driver downloads and Windows updates, so I purchased a 128gb SSD.

I want some advice on the best way to reinstall Windows 8.1. Most guides I've seen say to do a system image backup, then reinstall Windows on the new SSD, and restore your image. But my Document folders are already on my storage drive, so would that create a conflict since I'm not backing those up and the Windows reinstall will install new versions of those folders on my SSD drive?

And since all my programs are on my storage drive, will that affect anything? Just would like to know what the best way is to go about getting my Windows on this bigger SSD.

Thanks for your help.
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  1. Most of the SSDs come with cloning SW that allows you to clone from your old installation to the new SSD. I used Samsung's "Data Migration" tool.

    There are also free third party apps. that will do the cloning like "Macrium Free Reflect" and "Clonezilla". I've seen good reports about the Macrium product.

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    I did this with my laptop. I have an Acer AS 8950G that came with a 750 gb HD. I purchased a 120 GB SSD and my plan was to move the HD to the 2nd bay to be my data drive. Now with my model i needed a cable to connect a drive for the second bay. The SSD came in a kit which included a external enclosure with a USB connector and Acronis True Image software. I actually installed some apps on the HD. Acronis let me select a source drive and a target and it created and copied the image to the SSD. I moved the HD to the 2nd bay and the SSD to the 1st bay and it booted right up. I then later did the same thing but I went for the 120 GB SSD to another 240 GB SSD and that work perfectly also. Finally I used the same process to go from the 750 gb HD to a 1 TB HD. Now remember some vendors will void the warranty if you yourself their original configuration.
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