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VIRUS ALERT : Freemake Video Converter 4.1.3 (PUP infection)


The freeware install for

is being used as a trojan to install the (PUP) virus
malwarebytes found these files associated with the install

The install program itself : FreemakeVideoConverterSetup.exe

The install results in Conduit being installed, as well as the PUP virus.
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  1. Hi,

    Yes you have to watch out for them, a lot of free software is bundle with bloatware and spyware !
  2. Best answer
    Yes. OpenCandy is appearing more and more attached to previously good freeware.

    Thanks for the info.
  3. I just hate it when people get caught out, by something that used to be a nice FREEWARE product (and now has the internet gift that keeps on giving)
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