Weird black lines appear on monitor for a few seconds sometimes. Recently, when I'm browsing the internet with white backgrou

Recently, when I'm browsing the internet with white background, I started to notice that my monitor sometimes make these 1~2 small black/discolored horizontal lines in the middle of my screen for a few seconds and it disappears.

The line is not through my whole screen at all. It is only 1~2 inches long and appears only 2~3 seconds too. And happens rarely too. However, I do not know if this is my monitor problem or graphics problem.

I recently overclocked my graphics card.

I had my monitor for more than 5~6 years. For the past 6~7 months it started to make these 'clicky' or 'popping/cracking noise' even when I was not using the monitor, so I thought my monitor was dying...

So could the 'black line' be cause by monitor or graphics card? Which one do you think it is?
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  1. check your GPU temps first and clock it back to standard clock. Both could be the cause. If you can, also try a different monitor.
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