Can Sata ports burn out? Asus P6T

About a week ago my computer took a huge dive all of a sudden. Everything was working fine... Boot times, games, apps. System ran stable and just as fast as the day i built it..Then one morning it took a huge dump. Everything took 10-20 times longer to startup and run. Im not kiddin.. it took about 15 minutes to completely boot up. Start a program.. another 5 minutes. Ran Antivirus and left it for 16 hours and was only at 48%. Just everything took huge amounts of time. So i was gonna upgrade to a SSD and Win7 figuring it was either the HD or Windows (running Vista now) Took apart my computer to see what cables i might need and re organized them a little placing the HD and DVD sata cables in different ports. And suddenly it boots fine again.. Maybe not as fast as before but pretty close. Could the Sata ports i had been using the past 5 years been dying on me causing everything to run extremely slow? Figured it would either work or not.

Past few days ive been messing with it trying to fix it on the software end.. 3 days into it only got slower. Just wondering what you guys think? Was that the problem? Could the others be dying as well? Possibly my mobo? Was about to buy a SSD and new OS.. wondering if i need to upgrade something else instead now.
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  1. well, its possible but not likely. if switching the ports worked, then you have a good chance of having faulty ports.
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    All the main-board SATA ports lead to the same controller chip unless you have a couple ports that lead to a RAID controller chip but those also can be the same chip. Each path likely has some sort of coupling capacitor between the port and the chip but you wouldn't know for certain without a schematic.
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