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Hi my name is Yev and I am a 1st year Architecture Student. I have a beasty desktop (i7 4770k, 8GB RAM, GTX 780), but I found out that I still need a laptop to use while I'm in uni. My budjet is around £700 (£1000 absolute max). I want it to be quite light, maybe an ultabook. If you have any suggestions please help
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  1. Samung ativ book 6 or 8. both the same internals i7 amd 8770m graphics 1tb hhd 8gb ram, 6 offers half the battery that the 8 offers. 6 goes fr $900 us 8 goes for $1200 us. 6 has about 4-6 hours battery, 8 offers 6-8 hours. Light 5 lbs, slim, great battery. Can upgrade hhd to ssd, 16gb ram.

    Asus g750, 10lbs i7 haswell, gtx 765m graphics, 17", 2-4 hours battery. This graphics wise beats out the Samsung, but weighs twice as much, offers half battery, but has 2 2.5" hhd bays, ram upgrade to 32 gb, and is pretty solid and offers exceptional cooling. But wont fit in most laptop bags.

    The asus is more like heavy desktop replacement, less mobility but more power. Samsung is like more portable a little less power, but adds great battery and still offers a decent low to mid range graphics card to help with rendering and such.
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