PC just shut off by itself and can't turn it on again

Hello people, I was playing in my new PC that i build 1 month ago and suddenly it went off by itself The first thing i thought was that the surge suppressor shut off, but it was still on I try to turn it normally and nothing. I clean up all the dust and still nothing. My motherboard has a LED that glows to mark whether the machine is switched on or in sleep mode, but when i press any key, it doesn't wake up or anything.

I've tried taking off the Mothervoard battery and putting it back in, disconeccting everything, cleaning but nothing.
Is my PSU, Motherboard or CPU dead?

My componentes are:
Moherboard: Asus M5A97 LE R2.0
CPU: AMD FX-6300
PSU: Thermaltake Smart 650w 80 Plus Bronze
RAM: Patriot Blue 1600Mhz 8GB(2x4)
GPU: MSi Radeon HD 7770 1GB
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  1. Hard to say for sure from afar. But the PSU would be my first guess. Thermaltake makes some very low end units. Not sure where yours falls.
  2. I've had problems similar to this before with ancient Celeron chips. I tried literally everything I could think of, and I ended up reseating the processor. That was the trick that did it for me.

    The problem with a damaged PSU (which it may well be) is that if its only partially working, if you try and turn it on with a damaged PSU you run the risk of damaging everything that is powered by the PSU.

    Besides the longshot of reseating the CPU, I think replacing your PSU should be your first bet. If it still acts the same after that, and doesn't do any beeping at all, then its likely your motherboard is shot. I wouldn't recommend reusing a CPU from a shot motherboard either. You might be able to get away with reusing the memory, depending if you want to take the risk of static charges (which would have damaged the MOBO/CPU in the first place).

    Sometimes these things happen, crap as it is.
  3. Either motherboard or PSU

    Probably PSU. If you can still RMA I would.
  4. Pull the card, put in a different one see if it works, if it does then your card is doa. If it is not your cardt hen try cleaning it, use a fan control program for it to keep it cooler. And of course update windows/ati graphics drivers.
  5. It sounds like your PSU went. I had the same thing happen to my wife's iMac. Working away, and then poof. Off. Pulled it apart to find the PSU had gone. One thing to be weary of, is when a PSU goes like that, it sometimes takes other parts along with it.
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