Which monitor would be best? Gaming PC and Console

Hello everyone,

So i am looking to get a second computer monitor to use for my xbox one and my computer. I currently play on a VX238H-W, use it for my computer and xbox one. I like it a lot was a good price, got it on Newegg for 140 bucks.

*My computer specs are:
FX-6300 and XFX Double D FX-787A

But now i am looking into a second monitor, wanted to wait for a few paychecks, and i have a 40 dollar gift card from Newegg to go into it. The monitors i am looking at are:

ASUS VG248QE (can get this for around 200 with my gift card and 10% off promo right now)

BenQ RL2455HM


Hoping anyone with more knowledge on monitors can help me out, my budget is roughly 200-225.
I know on Xbox One it maxes at 60 Hz refresh rate so the 144Hz on the VG248QE only matters if i am dual screen using my computer. But was looking for what has the best image and least amount of input lag/ ghosting? I head the IPS Panels are great for console gaming but am concerned with input lag...should i be? I know the MX has a 5ms GTG but what is its actual input lag..black to white to black?

Overall Best for Gaming mostly will be used with Xbox One but will be used for games on the Computer as well.

Open to suggestions as well on other monitors.
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  1. All of those have 1ms response time so ghosting and input lag will be nonexistent.

    My question is: the VX238H-W you already have is a great monitor and all the other monitors you listed are the same size, resolution and response rate--why wouldn't you just get another VX238H-W?

    It's cheaper than the others, it'll match your current monitor, and it does everything you need it for i.e. 60fps gaming
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