How to format computer windows 7 without cd dell inspiron 7110

Something has taken over my system and running on the net when I'm online and I can't find it. I'm not tech savvy, but can find my way around with direction. I am guessing at this point I need to format my hard drive and start over. I have backed all of my important files up already and just need to start the next step. The other thing is, I haven't been able to find my windows 7 cd. Can someone give me some good instructions so I don't kill my pc all together? Thanks Brent.
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  1. how do you know you are not backing up a virus with your files? what antivirus do you have and what showed up on the scan?post a scan log if you can.what exactly are the symptoms?
  2. The W7 image is easily downloadable but you will need your key to activate the OS.
  3. Assuming you have a valid activation key, download the official Windows 7 ISO here:

    Reinstall, and activate with your existing key.

    For whatever files you have backed up....scan and verify you have not also copied a virus in there.
  4. When I get back to my pc tonight, ill put up the log. I have malware bytes and superantispyware. I don't know for sure the virus isn't in the back up, but I mostly transferred pics of the family and illustrator docs I made myself. Is it possible the virus links to those?
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    like was mentioned earlier,scan these files with an antivirus program.if all you have is malwarebytes and superantispyware,you do not have an av program.i heartily recommend avast.if you dont have an av program installed this might be one of the few times i would say reformat.when you do reformat do a clean install and delete all partitions on the was also mentioned your key should work.just select the version of windows that your key covers.
  6. "Your current security settings do not allow this file to be downloaded" >>>This is what I saw when I tried to get the key for Windows 7 Home premium x64 AND when I tried to dload avast. If I move to format, what is the process for that? How do I delete all partitions on the drive? Can I/Should I make a new partition for the OS during a clean re-install? Not sure how to do that if the answer is yes. Thanks for your patience and help guys.
  7. So, I watched a youtube video that showed me how to go through windows repair. Restart/f8/windows repair and followed the steps basically. It "took off" everything and started up windows for me. I didn't need to even put a key in. Somehow I think it didn' t fix everything, but it did start everything over. I installed avast. So i guess it's ok. I think i would prefer to wipe it all clean clean, but I don't think I'm good enough to do that. Thanks for the help.
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