Windows 8.1 won't boot at all

So I've had my PC maybe a day or so, no problems, I've shut it down and restarted it a couple of times with no problems. Today I restarted it and I got stuck in an "Preparing Automatic Repair" loop. I read up about it a bit, and tried to boot from my USB drive which has the ISO file on it. However, that just get's stuck on another loop (but with no message on it).

So any suggestions on what to do? All I can think to do now is somehow wipe my SSD and start a new install.

Motherboard is an Asrock Z87 Pro4 by the way, UEFI BIOS.
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  1. Did you initially install Windows 8.1 in UEFI mode? Is there any change if you change the boot device from UEFI to Legacy in the BIOS?
  2. Crap, I just turned off Legacy support there and now my keyboard isn't working..
  3. It sounds like you disabled legacy USB devices instead of changing the boot device to legacy.
  4. Pretty much.. stupid mistake.. any way to reset my BIOS settings without a keyboard? Would clearing my CMOS do it?
  5. Yes, you can clear the CMOS and that should set everything back to the default settings.
  6. Ok, cleared the CMOS and got the keyboard back up. And while browsing the BIOS I noticed that my SATA1 port wasn't showing up, even though I had an optical drive connected to it. So I disconnected it, restarted my PC and it went through a few things and now it's working.. weird.. I take it that means the optical drive is rubbish?
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    That's possible, or there could be a problem with the SATA or power cables. Did you try a different cable or different SATA port?
  8. Ok, put it in a different port now it's working.. thanks a lot for the help!
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