GTX 590 3GB on a Corsair 650 tx?

Hello guys. I am planning on buying a gtx 590 VERY CHEAP!! However, i have a Corsair 650 TX, will it be sufficient? I dont have any watercoling nor have i overcklocked anything. I also dont have any plans on doing it either, only thing is a am considering upgrading my cooler for my CPU, have any ideas there, primarly for silence (running stock intel). So yeah, the question is, can my PSU handle the GTX 590?

8 gb ram
2x120gb ssd
i5 750 stock
650 tx corsair
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  1. It shouldn't be a problem with your current power supply. The GTX 590 is a 365W GPU and uses a pair of 8-pin connectors to power it, which your PSU supports. You should be fine running the card even at full load on your system.
  2. It should work fine, but I'd probably say use a good 750w to be safe,
  3. Okey, thats good to know :) Do you guys have any recommendations for a CPU cooler?
  4. Noctua NH D14, quiet, reliable and excellent at cooling.
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