Running 1.65V RAM (Corsair Vengeance Pro DDR3-2133MHz CAS 9) on Asus Maximus VI Formula?

Hi all,

So I am building a new system with an i7-4770k and an Asus Maximus VI Formula. I would like to use Corsair Vengeance Pro RAM with my system. However, Intel recommends 1.5 Volts for RAM, so should I be concerned with anything eg. Stress on Memory controller, RAM running slower, etc.? If not, then is there anything I should setup in the BIOS?


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    1.5 volts is the JEDEC standard for DDR3 (1.35 volts for DDR3L). This value should be observed whenever data integrity and system stability is of paramount importance, such as in a datacenter. The value can be safely exceeded up to the maximum permitted by JEDEC (1.9 volts for DDR3 modules) and Intel (around 1.8 volts for the IMC) before damage is incurred to either device. However, few manufactures market modules with voltages above 1.65 volts, and thus this is considered the practical maximum.

    When running memory outside of the JEDEC specifications the user may be required to perform additional tweaking and testing to obtain full system stability. What this means is that running high speed memory with an above normal voltage may require additional testing and tweaking to avoid crashes. Most of the time enabling the XMP profile is all that is required, but be aware that this is not always sufficient.
  2. 1.5 is the recommended for the CPUs native of 1600, I stick with 1.5 through 1866, at 2133 and above 1.6-1.65 is perfectly fine, in fact Intel even certifies DRAM at 1.65
  3. Thanks for the help guys :) The only issue is, I can't select both of you guys ._.
  4. No worries, Pinhedd was in first ;)
  5. Tradesman1 said:
    No worries, Pinhedd was in first ;)

    Hey um Tradesman1, sorry if this bothers you, but should I get GTX 770 4Gb in SLI or a Single GTX 780Ti? I have an 860 watt PSU and am water-cooling them, so temperature and power isn't an issue, but I am using it for programs eg. full adobe creative suite, gaming on 5 monitors (3 were donated and I wanted to test some benchmarks), video/photo editing, etc. So which would you recommend? Thanks :) Nuclear101
  6. If running 5 monitors think I'd go the 770s in SLI
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