iBuyPower PC, how to set up straight out of the box?

So I got my iBuyPower pc about 2 weeks ago, and haven't gotten to use it because I cannot seem to get it setup. I know, I am new to gaming pc's so I don't know much about them. Here are some of my specs: Windows 8.1 64-bit, 8BG, AMD FX 8320 3.5 GHz, ATI Radeon HD 7850, 500 watt psu. So here is what I did as soon as I took it out of the box and made sure everything was plugged in and working(as far as I knew). I turned it on, ran the Windows 8.1 disk and set it up. Then I ran my Gigabyte disc for the motherboard and installed. After that, I tried downloading the drivers for my gpu(above) and my computer either restarts and continues to restart constantly, like every minute or so or I get a blue screen that says window didn't load correctly. Or the drivers will finish installing but when I try to play a game it will say my drivers are out of date. I believe its because I do not know how to properly install drivers for my graphics card. Can anyone tell me exactly what I should be doing to get the drivers going for my gpu? I am about to pull my hair out. I have contacted iBuyPower and they just tell me "sounds like your graphics card is out" and they hang up. I have called a couple of times already.
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  1. Contact ibuypower. You paid for their warranty and customer services. Use em.
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    Downloading your driver is about the only way to get the proper version.

    Now for installing windows properly, I usually use the following process:

    Visit mother board website and download all drivers.

    Visit graphics driver website and download driver. (for amd see:

    Power on.

    Configure bios.


    Test with Linux on usb stick for stability. (run mem test a couple times, play a game or two, etc)

    At this point, I consider my hardware good to go. Now comes the hard part.


    Disconnect ethernet (Dont want windows fcking things up)

    Install drivers downloaded for motherboard (rebooting frequently)

    Install driver for gpu (reboot)

    Now connect ethernet / wireless.

    Let windows think about its life while it updates.

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