I need help setting up my upgrage

I am finally upgrading from xp. Old system is Athlon 64 x2 6400+ on Biostar TA785GE 128M w/6 gb of Patriot 400. All that is coming out. Going back is A10-7700K on Asus A88X-pro w/8 gb of GSKILLS Ripjaws 1866, w/Windows 7 onto Kingston ssdNOW 120gb. My question/help request is once I am up and running how do I get old data etc. onto an older sata II 1TB hdd? the old/current data is on 2 sata II hdd
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    Just keep your HDD with your DATA is unharm.

    Only the SSD will overwritten or written / format or touched when you install windows.
  2. Thanks, does this mean all my sata II hdd can be put back in after 7 is installed without worrying about data loss?
  3. SSD being format.
    your old HDD will keep all your files.

    and yeah put back it after installation of windows, i face problem before formating my SSD while the other drive is plug in the machine.
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