Dual Monitors on GeForce 780

Hey there, I just got my Nvidia GeForce 780 graphics card. I also order 2 24" asus monitors to run dual. I was playing on a old 17" dell monitor while i waited for the asus monitors.

They came in today, and my pc will not detect the second monitor for some reason.

Can anybody help?
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  1. It is probably a setting but what happens if you switch the monitors? Unplug the working one and plug in the one not working, this will test to make sure the monitor works.
  2. Yes it works on the other monitor, Which was using the hdmi cable.
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    in the OS display settings does the monitor appear? Or is it just not shown?

    also have you tried a different output on the back of the card?
  4. I figured it out, To start i didnt have the hdmi cable put in the graphics card, then on the monitors it has a button to switch between vga, hdmi and such so i just had to find the right one. thanks anyways bgunner!
  5. your welcome and I'm happy that your problem is solved.

    Good luck :)
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