High cpu temps under load on new build, fx-8350
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the second "cpu" reading on easytune(i dont use it or plan too just came with my gigabyte board drivers, used it to check temp) peaking at 92-94 is causing me concern, its temperature #2 on open hardware monitor and goes up and down with load from heavyload peaking around 94
temperature #-3 is the exact same as temp core#1- (to)#8temp listed in ohm they move together at peaks at about exactly 80(the program core temp uses this as well and peaks at 80 under full load) under 100% cpu strain from heavy load

what is temperature #2? it idles at 67 peaks at 94 under full load, temp 3(temp core1-8) idles at 50ish peaks at 80 under full load)

stock cpu cooler not over clocking or planning too
from my limited knowledge 50 idle 80max under full load isnt terrible but not ideal? I don't know what the second cpu temp reading is or temperature #2 as ohm reads it should i be concerned?
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  1. just found tj max for board is 80 so would explain the peak at 80... somethings off :/ where can i see and test cpu fan speeds to make sure its working properly?
  2. The stock cooler for the FX series CPU's aren't sufficient to cool the processor.
  3. ^ this is likely true under a max load on it, however i was hitting tjunction playing rome II and ACBF with no clocking so something seemed off to me, I changed my bios fan settings from auto to 2.0 PWM /C (im not the most knowledgable on stuff like this was my first build so wasnt even sure this was safe to do) but seems to be running slightly better, maxed at 74 under max load so at least isnt hitting tmax anymore, im gonna pull off the stock cooler and reapply some real artic silver instead of the crap it came with and see how reseating/reapply paste goes, if problems persist i will concede and admit the stock cooler just doesnt cut it
  4. sooo easy tune 6 that came with my gigabyte board(sry for reposting so much new at this so updating as i go) shows a setable curve for fans, they were set correctly(10% at 20C to 100% at 50C), but the fan stayed at 10% speed even with the cpu tmaxing out at 80C!!!! I had to move the minimum temp/fanspeed plot point in easy tune up to 90% (its max) and set it and is now running 90% all the time, (i reset bios fan speed settings to auto) and yes the cpu cooler is connected to the 4 pin cpu_fan header next to it

    wtf went wrong, this was happening without easy tune even open, the bios was reading temps correctly as it still showed as pretty hot (60-70C read from bios on restart when i shut it down at 80C) bios only has options for AUTO SILENT DISABLED and MANUAL, manual only lets you set PWM .75/C -2.5/C can someone explain the manual settings? if its on auto why was the cpu fan not kicking up speed?

    for now with easy tune setting the min setting to 90% fan speed the cpu overheat is resolved im not hitting tmax on games anymore(its a good thing i set bios temp warning to 80 the beeps have been helping alot) but im not even sure i can get 100% from the cpu fan... the only way i know of to test is to put min fan speed lower and use games and stuff to test and listen for an autoincrease to know if its working? otherwise doing it as i have now i think will just leave it at 90% forever...
  5. problem resolved by setting min fan speed to 90%, I'm not sure atm if i can get 100% as it was staying at 10% fan speed with the processor tmaxing out at 80C until i moved min speed up. load temps around 50C now idle temps around 25C, stock cooling on fx-8350 does appear to be sufficient with fans working unclocked

    If any one has any ideas of how to test fan speed other than moving it to 40-50% so i can try to hear it rev up like its supposed to with temp I'd like to hear them, so far trying this it has stayed at the min speed i leave
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    As far as monitoring your speed, some BIOS will do it, and a program like SpeedFan would suffice as well. Speed Fan can also allow you to change your fan speed.
    The stock FX coolers are completely incapable of cooling the FX8350. Unless you want to hear a jet running every time your computer has to do anything, I would recommend something like a refurbished Corsair cooler. FX series CPUs should not climb over 65C core and 70C socket (if you want a long lasting CPU).
    Check the BIOS, make sure no auto over clocking functions are enabled, then, only if you must, do a MILD lowering of the CPU multiplier. Only lower it if you do not upgrade your CPU cooler. I am over clocked on my FX8350 to 4.5Ghz just for fun, and my old H50 does just fine with keeping it cool.
    An odd thing with the 8350 is that once you pass 70% load, and the frequency is maxed out, the CPU temp will be the hottest it will get, presuming you leave it there for a while. Check out this article if you want more clarity on cooling your CPU. Cooling Your CPU
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