Installing WIndows 8.1 on new HDD WHILE Booted in Windows 8.1 on SSD

In the past when I have wanted to install a new OS to a new drive, I would just plug it in and install while booted from the original C: drive.

With Windows 8+ unlike older versions, as soon as the installation begins, it asks about setting and such, and when you click install, it automatically installs to C: drive without asking which drive to install on and creates a windows.old folder. I want to install it on drive D: however!!!

This is driving me nuts! I have only USB flash drives and when I decide to boot instead directly from them via UEFI with only D: drive connected, I am unable to install on a MBR drive because UEFI only supports GPT. This is for an old Athlon X64 rig (think 2007) where I am having trouble recognizing GPT need to make an MBR Windows 8.1 drive for booting.

Just tried the Windows 7 installation and in windows lets me decide which drive to install on while booted in WIndows via C:, and I can do MBR as well because of that. Is there a solution for the WIn 8 installer? I've tried everything I can think of.!
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