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So I have a computer I built and today I turned it on and everything turns on fine the motherboard fans and lights turn on like normal and the video cards fan turns on as well but when I plug in a hdmi or a vga cord into my computer and turn it on it doesn't show anything the screen just stays black.
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  1. detail pls... was this a new video card? new monitor? video source in BIOS? old or new OS source?
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    reinserting BIOS battery may help.
  3. It's a galaxy gtx550ti 1gb gddr5 video card then motherboard is a biostatistics hi-if a85w I have windows 7 It worked like 30 min ago I restarted computer and it doesn't work now
  4. How do I reinsert the bios battery
  5. Mltimpulse said:
    How do I reinsert the bios battery
  6. I didn't see any bios battery where would it be located
  7. the battery located underneath your graphic card quoter size battery.
  8. I did that and I let it sit for 30 min but it still didn't do anything
  9. did your hear any beeps from the motherboard when you turn on your pc.
  10. No nothing. Just the fans turning on that's all I heard.
  11. Could it be my bios battery is dead and I need to get a new one?
  12. I got it never mind thanks for your help! And it was because one of my rams went bad.
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