New MoBo / CPU. Same HDD / Memory / Vid Card

So I just won a new a MSI board and bought a i7-3770k to go with it. I want to keep my current system the same (its fairly new. got a i7-860 in it and an intel) but switch out the board and processor. In theory will i be able to just switch the board and processor and the computer will boot fine without reinstalling windows or anything like that. I probably am being difficult to understand but I just want to make sure i wont need a windows 8.1 ISO to reinstall the OS b4 i switch out the board and processor. Any help is appreciated! You guys have always given me great advice so im hoping for some more! Thanks again.
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    first anytime the motherboard is changed to a different model the OS needs to be reinstalled. It is not guaranteed that the old OS install will boot into windows after replacement. Plan on having an ISO handy just in case.
  2. and if you have an oem version of 7 or vista it probably wont activate on a new mb . You can try phone activation . That might work
  3. I have a retail version on windows 8.1. any ideas on how i can find an OS
  4. Win 8 can be activated on 3 different computers .

    Only one at a time though
  5. your fine just install the Win 8.1 and activate it. If it fails then it will give you a number to call and you can get it activated by talking to them or through the automated service.
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