Uninstall Ubuntu will installing Windows 7 without dual booting?

I recently bought Windows 7 Home Premuim x64 for my gaming PC. I installed Ubuntu 13.04 so I could use my PC for schoolwork and surfing the internet. I was wondering can I uninstall Ubuntu without dual booting Win7 and ubuntu? I bought the disk copy. Is there a disk that comes with Win7 that can wipe my HDD? I do not want to dual boot, I only want Win7 on my PC. Please help?
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    You can. Boot to your CD/DVD . under windows setup choose advance. you will see there is a drive options, format the drive and install your Windows .
  2. So how do i change the boot options? I think the boot option row goes like , USB, CD, HDD and some others. I turn the PC on, plug the disk in, turn off the machine, turn it back on, then it should load? Or do I stick a pin in the little whole on the CD drive, manually open it, put the disk in, then turn it on? Sorry so many questions, I don't want to mess up my first PC...
  3. boot your pc, go into bios. then while into bios open your CD/DVD tray. put your cd. then change your boot priority to cd/dvd, save and exit (F10) then your pc will gonna boot into cd and probably you will gonna see a message like "Press any key to boot from cd..."
  4. Thank you!
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