What is the best heat-sink for GA-Z87X-UD7 TH (rev. 2.0)


am trying to find a good heat sink for GA-Z87X-UD7 TH (rev. 2.0) using an i7-4771. However, the heat sinks that I have found weights over 450 grams which the maximum weight recommended for this mobo is up to 450g.

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  1. whats ur budget?
  2. nashdes001 said:
    whats ur budget?

    Under $100.00 I think it will be ok, also the chassis that I am using is a Supermicro 4U (SC743TQ-865B), that chassis doesn't allow water cooling.

    The other issue is that the cheap heat sinks are low quality.

    Thank you,
  3. hyper 212 evo
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    this is a rackmount server case that appears to "lay" down as opposed to a atx case that stands tall. so the motherboard should be in a horizontal position right? the z87 recommends a 450 gram weight because in most situations the motherboard would be in the vertical position and the cpu cooler/heatsink bolts on in a position that the weight of the heatsink and fans are pulling down on the socket portion. this is also compounded by how the heatsink/fan weight is distributed far from the bolt points.... like holding a bowling ball with your arms as straight forward as possible. but if the motherboard is in the horizontal position then the weight is just pushing down on the motherboard, as opposed to pulling on the upper mount points and pushing on the lower mount points when in the vertical position. it is very likely that in the horizontal position the motherboard can support more than twice its "recommended" 450g, especially since its supported from below structurally by the case mounting points. one should always be careful when moving computers that have large coolers attached to them, ive heard horror stories of pcb breaking when people transport their computers in cars.

    go figure i learned something, my gigabyte z68 recommends the same, 450 grams max, but i sure do have a cooler master hyper 212 plus that has an advertised weight of 626g. its been on there for almost three years too.
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