building a gaming rig need input.

hello I recently bought a prebuild and wasted 900 on it because assumed prebuilds where like back in the day when they gave you windows cd's and where easily upgradable. so I decided to just build one myself. I do have some experience in building computers but its been such a long time .. I was recommended this site from a friend and was suggested to get these.

im planning on sticking a 780ti in it , maybe two after a couple years.

im not sure what kind of processer I would be getting other than the brand, Intel, nor MB. I would like to get an i7 maybe a quad core, but not set in stone yet since I haven't done any research. its my belief that most games only use maybe one or two cores? I do plan on running all the newest games and later games in the future. going to go for a minimum of 8gb RDM with the option of upgrading so 4 ram card slots, I believe that's standard? at least two PCI express 3.0 slots, standard? I do not need a sound card slot since I got this sound blaster recon3D head phones where the sound cards external.

so yea thanks for reading this, and thank you for the input!
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    that PSU is enough for 2 GTX 780Ti's and is a pretty good one for the price also, Corsair is one of my most trusted brands. That case is also great.

    An i5 4670k is a great choice of processor High end games require more then 2 cores on ultra e.g. BF4. So going 4 cores on an Intel CPU is vital, and with 2 GTX 780Ti's in the future, you don't want a bottleneck.

    2X4GB 1600Mhz ram is enough for gaming right now

    -You want PCI-E X16 3.0/2.0 slots for the card, and in SLI want X8/X8 mode or X16/X8, either way is fine..except for X16/X4, that's a big no no.

    Is that all you wanted to know?
  2. all right thank you
  3. so like the maximus VI hero?

    is it worth it get the MAXIMUS VI FORMULA over the hero?

    I would love to get into over clocking
  4. the Formula isn't worth the extra in my opinion, just that extra thermal armor and all, not worth it. The Hero is all you need for great Overclocking capabilities.

    Yes the, The maximus VI hero is the one I would recommend and the one you linked.
  5. allright thank you very much. just to double check so I don't waste cash like I did on that prebuilt.

    cpu will fit?
    not sure if its 4th gen...

    or should I go for extreme?
  6. that CPU is designed to fit in that motherboard. One thing, since it's a non-k, it isn't unlocked so you have very small marginal OC, if you want to do Overclocking on a much better scale, Get the 4770k, A much better CPU for overclocking as it is unlocked. It is $30 more then the 4770, and for that extra, it's unlocked and that is something that is defiantly worth that marginal extra.

    the 4770k will also work and fit with that motherboard, All LGA 1150 CPU's will.
  7. all right thank you so much for all your help. I should be set :)
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