BenQ 24" 3D LED XL2411Z or Intel Core i7 4770K, MSI G45 Gaming motherboard.

Okey so i need help with a decision. My pc spec GTX 780 Ti, AMD FX 8120, and ASUS motherboard. my computer is bottlenecking and i'm going to upgrade to Intel Core i7 and MSI G45 Gaming motherboard this week. But i saw that a BenQ screen was going to get released soon and it has 144hz and 3D for only 224€, 310$. It's on sale.
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  1. Bottlenecking? i7? Urhm, pretty sure you can run your 780 ti just fine on a i5 or a FX-8 series just fine.

    That's just me, wait for some experts.
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