GTX 770 sli vs 780 vs 780 ti vs wait....

I have a PNY GTX 770 2gb. I am saving up for another Graphics about $250 saved just for a future card. lots of variables are art hand with Mantle and even MS stating that they are planning to improve Direct X. So there is some interesting technology to come over the next few years.... I really like being able to max games out and get the best performance possible and I am starting to hit a choke point with my GTX 770 on some games. Sli is a good option and the cheapest for a performance gain but I would prefer to have one powerful GPU for a couple reasons. A gtx 780 ti is the big one right now and costs less ro the same as the R9 290X due to the price increase making it a compelling value of the two. I have heard that MS is planning a new DX and I wonder if that would require new hardware and maybe even Windows version "X" If you would like to get back to me on this topic please do feel free to say whatever you think. I am not quite sure if my GTX 770 is going to be enough for another year based on what i have
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  1. Wait an year. The GPU market is rapidly changing. Even in 9 months the market is going to be radically different. In an year from now we might see GTX 800 series or AMD R9 300 series or R10 or ... (or however AMD is going to call it). Worst case scenario, you are possibly going to get a GTX 780TI at a price of a current 780.
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    Wait until you are not happy with what you have.
    Also try lowering settings from ultra to high, the visual difference is normally beyond noticeable and performance can take a giant leap in some cases.

    Also maxwell seems fairly exciting, seeing what it can do in 60W, imagine what can be done with 300W.
  3. I am quite exited about Maxwell. I am not overly impressed with Kelper from Fermi. Though they did manage to increase performance on a smaller die. When I look at the GTX 580 and the amount of Cuda cores it has(512) and compare it to the 1344 cuda cores of the GTX 670 and the performance of the two GPU's are within margin of error I have to give my head a scratch and wish I picked up that 580 for $175 when I had the chance not long ago..after my 770. I don't know the details and wonders of processing shaders But as I have seen from the GTX 750 ti it gives me hope as to what Nvidia is going to accomplish with their higher end GPU's. More performance per processing cores sounds good. As I have looked at the specs of the GTX 750 ti it seems that they are taking a page from Fermi and giving more power to the Cuda cores/shader units but don't quote me I am just looking at specs and hoping for the best.
  4. But i will say this I do not want to buy a new GPU right now unless I can get a GTX 780 a bit cheaper becuase they have gone up since christmas which really surprised me..Cmon Nvidia. The EVGA GTX 780 SC was $509.99 in Dec... roughly I was gonna be all over that and sell my 770 since it is not old and I am sure I Could find a buyer where I live. But maybe I could keep it if i don't need the money....CArd is 599.99...on sale..WTF I guess I can tone it down a bit or my same graphics card is only 359.99 right now? On sale though...but it is always on sale now. I guess i could get one more of those and not break the bank IDK
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