do i absolutely need to use a raid set up on the 2 HDD's if i have 1 SSD and 2 HDD?

So im adding new parts to my build, ive went from one HDD to 1 SSD (samsung 840 pro 128g) and 2 reg HDD's (1x 1TB and 1x 500gb).

Ive successfully cloned my OS and a few other files to my SSD, i have a system image on the 500gb drive but i also have some other data files on it also, my question is do i absolutely have to run the two HDD's in a RAID set up to be able to use them both, or can i just have them both hooked up and use them as seperate storage drives? My case and MOBO have plenty of room/connectors to have them all plugged in (using a ASRock 990fx killer series mobo).

My main goal atm is to get the data files back off the 500gb and use my 1TB drive as my data drive and my 500gb as my back up drive. (ill be upgrading my back up drive to a 2TB soon) I still have some data files on the 1TB HDD atm, i want to move those to the 500GB so i can wipe the 1TB drive to get the OS off of it and just use it as a data drive.
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  1. You can definitely use the two HDD separately. You are in no way required to use any type of RAID set up.

    -Wolf sends
  2. No RAID needed or recommended.

    Just have them as discreet drives, with their own drive letters.
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    To be honest if you intend to use the SSD drive as the boot drive with windows on it.
    You are going to see a far better booting speed of windows, and any other programs placed on it to load that you use alot.

    When you raid two drives. You have to remember it treats or merges the two drives together. It creates a file system to do this, Striped or mirrored.
    By formatting a drive of the array it will no longer work or be read.
    And both drives will have to be formatted, or the array removed or deleted.
    So you need to back the data you wish to keep on a drive that is not setup in raid.

    Or the data will be lost.
    The data cannot be read off the drive you copied it too because part of the raid will be missing.
    If the raid is using striped mode. Raid 0
    The same result of the drives and the information on them may also be lost by splitting the drives.

    Get what I mean.
  4. RAID is a type of setup that use's the drives together in various formats, with specific results for specific applications.

    You can hook up and use just about as many drives as you like individually though. You just assign the drive a drive letter. Example if you have a DVD drive, and 3 hard drives, you have your OS drive as "C", your DVD is likely "D" then each drive you plug in after that becomes "E" and then "F" and so on. The drive your OS on is by default C, but you can assign any letter to the other drives you have hooked up. "A" and "B" were originally reserved for floppy drives. All software is programed with these defaults in mind for the floppys, and the OS, but you can use any letter you like for your other drives. You need do nothing more than plug them in, then under drive administration, (control panel, administrative tools, computer management, drive management) you can format, partition and assign the drive letters to each of your additional drives after you plug them in. They will then show in "My Computer" as usable, individual drives.
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