Overclock AMD FX 8320

AsRock Fatality 990FX Killer Motherboard
AMD FX 8320
Corsair 650 Watts PSU
CM Hyper 212X Cooler
Corsair Vengeance 1600 MHZ RAM
I want to OC my CPU to 4.0 GHZ. What to do ? I have only technical knowledge but no practical experience. I simply increased the multiplier to 20x to get what I wanted and voltage by .25v(not sure) and I booted successfully and later I loaded default UEFI settings since I was not sure whether I was correct in doing so. So is this the only things required to be done to OC a CPU ? If possible can u guys suggest me voltage for my CPU at 4 GHZ ? If I am wrong, kindly explaint me the whole process. My idle temps before OC is 30c. Bunch of thanks in advance.
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    I hit 4Ghz on stock voltages, you shouldn't have to touch voltages til 4.3Ghz or so.

    Bump up the multiplier until you hit 4000Mhz, leave voltages alone, disable Turbo, disable Application Power Management, disable Cool n Quiet, C1E, and C6 (re-enable CnQ and C6 after you find your stable overclock unless you want your processor sucking down tons of power all the time) and enjoy!

    Download Intel Burn Test or Prime95 and run them for a while to make sure you are stable.

    Also download HWMonitor or Core Temp to keep an eye on your temperatures while checking stability, you want your CPU to stay under 60°C at max load.
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